What’s simple, cheap, yet super fashionable? The loot from Muji’s lucky bag! The takeaway from this no-frills retailer was well worth the early wake up call.

‘Tis the season for fukubukuro, or “lucky bags” filled with a collection of mystery items from specific businesses. These grab bags are offered for a flat price and you get what you get, but what you get is usually pretty awesome, sometimes even limited edition, or expensive stuff.

Although Starbucks is a hit every year, the luck doesn’t stop there by any means. As we did last year, we paid an early morning visit to our nearest Muji, a store known for its simple, yet high-quality products, be they furniture, food or face-cloths. Last year, one of our reporters came away with a peculiar, yet awesome mysterious clothing item among other things in the women’s clothing lucky bag. Although that was so much fun, this year our male reporter braved the Muji line to get menswear goodies, but what mystery awaited him?

▼ Wow! Who would have thought that Muji would draw such a crowd?!


The first surprise was the huge line. Although he’d swung by Sapporo’s Yodobashi Camera for a lucky bag already, he thought he’d have plenty of time to spare before the Muji at Sapporo’s Stellar Place opened, that is, until he found himself as customer number 152: the second-to-last person to get a ticket!

▼ 153 was the last ticket, barely made it!


And thank goodness he did, because just check out his loot for the measly price of 5,000 yen (US$41):

  • Jacket worth 15,000 yen ($125)
  • Cardigan worth 5,980 yen ($50)
  • Button down shirt worth 2,980 yen ($25)
  • Double pocket shirt worth 3,980 yen ($33)
  • Infinity scarf worth 3,980 yen ($33)
  • Cap worth 2,980 yen ($25)
  • Touch screen-compatible gloves worth 1,980 yen ($16)

▼ This is quite the haul!


To save you from having to do the math, that was a 36,880 yen ($307) take away! On top of that, the Muji clothes remained the same high-quality goods that they always are. The coat and shirts are made of organic cotton and the cardigan is made of alpaca wool!

▼ He’s so fashionable!


The items fit together in both color palate and image, making an outfit that is stylish, can be worn with jeans or khakis and is appropriate for pretty much any age group.

▼ What style he has!


Without a doubt the Muji menswear lucky bag was stuffed full of luck this year. It might even rank up there with the top finds of the season! What stores do you think gave out the best lucky bags this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

▼ And some more photos of the goods




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