Cats have no problem sniffing each other’s butts…but this one found an entirely unpleasant surprise!

Here at RocketNews24, we always try to bring you the latest and greatest in entertaining news about Japan and the rest of Asia, but sometimes we also like to bring you videos of cats being adorable. Because who doesn’t love cats?!

YouTube user MAKO0MAKO0, whose adorable felines we’ve seen before, certainly loves cats — he’s got five of them at home and they regularly feature in his YouTube channel. His videos generally get a fair number of views, but one we just rewatched was the sort of silliness that we just can’t resist sharing here at RocketNews24 — one cat sniffing another cat’s butt and instantly regretting the decision.

▼ When was the last time you sniffed a butt and didn’t regret it though?

Ami’s reaction is just about perfect, we think! Perfect enough, in fact, to make up for the fact that this video is from 2014. (Holy crap, that was two years ago now!) But we also want to make sure that you something new and fresh, so here’s the laziest cosplayer you’ve ever seen.

▼ Ami pretends to be a (sleepy) monkey.

And here’s another video of Ohagi (the grey cat) “helpfully” waking Ami up in the morning. It’s almost as awful as waking up for work on a Monday!

▼ At least your boss never surprises you by licking and then choking you. We hope…

Fortunately, Monday’s not here yet. So make sure you enjoy all the free time you have this weekend!

Sources: YouTube/MAKO0MAKO0 via Grape
Featured image: YouTube/MAKO0MAKO0 (Edited by RocketNews24)