Ohhh I can feel it. It’s that time again: time to piss experienced players of the Tekken franchise off by mashing buttons wildly and winning! This will be the seventh time I have done it, and I’ve become exceedingly efficient at it.

That’s right Tekken 7 is about to hit game centers across Japan and to get people into the fighting spirit Bandai Namco Games has uploaded the game’s opening movie to YouTube. Let’s watch!

The video starts off right in the middle of Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima slugging it out in the middle of an active volcano. This should come as no surprise as much of Tekken’s story developments take place inside volcanoes.

They punch each other a lot and so far it’s par for the course, when suddenly we cut to a woman kneeling inside a shrine.

She says:

“I have to stop Heihachi even if this power consumes me and I lose my life.”

After that her eyes glow red and we’re to assume she’s using the devil gene too. However, this still leaves the question of who she is. A quick scene shows a carving in the floorboards of the shrine with “Heihachi” (平八) and “Kazumi” (一美) written.

However, if I may put on my numerology pants, when reading these characters diagonally we get “Kazuya” (一八) going one way and Hirami (平美) going the other. Given the apparent age in the video we can assume that she is Hirami, the sister of Kazuya and daughter of Heihachi and the yet unseen Kazumi Mishima.

If I’m right, someone buy me a beer. In the meantime enjoy the video and get your coins and button-slapping hand ready.

Source: YouTube via Famitsu (Japanese)