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Back in May, cosplay manufacturer Cospa released a real-life version of the eye-catching Hawaiian shirt worn by Dragon Ball’s martial arts master, Kame Sennin. But while that was perfect for the warm months of summer, it’s now time for fans of Dragon Ball to put away their beachwear. With the harsher temperatures of autumn coming, the only sensible thing to do is to change into warmer attire, like the soon-to-be-available outfit of the hero of the fifth installment of Dragon Quest, the other hit franchise artist Akira Toriyama serves as character designer for.

Although it wasn’t released in English until 17 years after its debut in Japan, Dragon Quest V was a smash hit in its home market. The main character’s violet-accented, nomadically styled outfit is instantly recognizable, with an obvious air of adventure despite shunning many traditional fantasy hero clichés such as glistening plates of armor or a gigantic sword.

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It remains one of the most iconic costumes from the franchise, so much so that when producers of the recent live-action Dragon Quest parody, Yusha Yoshihiko, needed to make a wardrobe choice for their protagonist, they dressed him in an almost identical turban and cloak ensemble.

Now, Square Enix, the game’s publisher, is giving fans the chance to replicate the look of the fifth Dragon Quest star, with this costume available through the company’s e-Store online shop.

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As any RPG veteran can tell you, it’s important to equip yourself with the proper accessories, and the costume delivers in that department. In addition to the turban and cloak, the set also includes a one-piece robe/bodysuit, bicep bracer, belt, pouch, and leg and boot coverings.

The costume goes on sale September 16 and can be ordered here for 16,270 yen (US$161). That makes it a pretty expensive Halloween costume, but look at it as an investment. If there are any dragons or demons in your neighborhood that need slaying, being properly attired will make the job that much easier, and the gold they drop mean the hero’s outfit will eventually pay for itself.

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