Cats love to hide in warm spots in the winter, so be sure to check your car before hitting the ignition on cold days!

Nissan is on a roll this week with clever commercials!

First it was the intelligent parking chairs, and now it’s this insanely adorable public service announcement/cute cat montage reminding everyone to check their cars for napping kitties before starting them. Nissan has even come up with a hashtag for their campaign: #KnockKnockCats! Well, it works a bit better in Japanese as #猫バンバン (#nekobanban), which has literally the same meaning, but just sounds cuter. Please don’t actually go around knocking on cats!

▼ But definitely do give the hood of your car a good knock before starting it!

As you probably already know, cats love warm places and sleeping — and in the winter, warm places for sleeping are in relatively short supply. Cars, though, often provide comfy places for our feline friends to nap, which can have disastrous results if you start your engine while a kitty is purring away on the engine. Of course, you might also find them in the tire wells, so giving your car a good thump or two should wake any sleeping kitties and get them out before you drive away.

▼ Or fly away…

So be sure to check your car before you start it, or this very angry cat will haunt your dreams for the rest of your life!

Sources: ITMedia, YouTube/Nissan Newsroom
Featured image: YouTube/Nissan Newsroom