contest 17

Everyone says they’re just plastic, but they look so real!

If you’ve ever been looking for a place to eat in Japan and had trouble figuring out where to go, you know that the array of plastic food that adorns the outside of most restaurants is such a welcome relief. Even though it’s plastic, you get a pretty good idea of what sort of food the place serves and a preview of their menu. The surprising part is when you end up ordering something you saw outside, and it’s all arranged exactly the same!

Iwasaki Be-I is the leading plastic food samples company in Japan and every year they hold an amazing internal plastic food art competition. Dating back to 1968, this event has continued for more than 45 years and the company credits the contest with pioneering new technology, new styles of expression, and the development of new product lines. Workers who participate are allowed to use their own ideas and imagination to come up with unique plastic food masterpieces.

Here are some of the best entries from the 2015 contest that Iwasaki Be-I has shared with the world.

▼ The octopus that makes takoyaki

contest 1

▼ Birdy pie

contest 2

▼ Tuna the size of nigiri sushi

contest 3

▼ Gold fish in a tub

contest 4

▼ Faucet that lets out beer and melon soda

contest 5

▼ Pasta racket

contest 6

▼ Mandarin orange getting a touch-up

contest 7

▼ Octopus in takowasa (cold octopus with wasabi)

contest 8

▼ Yule log with a beetle cut in half

contest 9

▼ 100 percent fresh juice

contest 10

▼ A carrot family in beef stew

contest 11

▼ Tomato-splosion

contest 12

▼ The cucumber is in the kiwi and the kiwi is in the cucumber.

contest 13

▼ Stormy seas ice cream

contest 14

▼ Eggs gushing from the salmon’s stomach

contest 15

▼ Kabedon!

contest 16

You have to love some of the creativity being displayed here, especially when it looks so realistic! While we wouldn’t trust an octopus who was smart enough to serve us takoyaki, we suppose it would know exactly the best kinds of octopus to put in the tasty treats. It’s definitely got a weird sort of entrepreneurial vibe going for it!

And even though we know none of it is real, it still doesn’t keep us from getting really hungry. Here’s to this year’s competition being just as delicious looking!

Source: CuRAZY
Images: Iwasaki Be-I