What do you do with a giant teddy bear you accidentally ordered off the internet? How about climbing inside it and wearing it as a bear suit? 

As regular readers may recall, there was a bit of an incident in the RocketNews24 office a while back when our reporter Yoshio ordered two giant eight-foot-tall teddy bears off the internet on a whim. One of the bears was swiftly dubbed Angelica and went on to take a romantic trip with one of our writers to Saga Prefecture by plane and also become the star of her own Facebook page. The other bear’s location is currently “classified”, according to Yoshio, but Angelica has really become an indispensible part of our team. Or has she?

It turns out that some of the other writers weren’t happy about Angelica constantly being underfoot and taking up an enormous amount of office floorspace, so they got to thinking: what other purpose could she possibly serve?

Of course, it was giant burger-tackling, sexy-dancing reporter P.K. Sanjun who came up with the idea (perhaps he’d been watching Silence of the Lambs). “We could skin the bear,” he shouted excitedly, “and I could wear it as a bear suit!” The other writers thought this would be a fine way to waste an afternoon and immediately started prepping Angelica for surgery.

This involved making an incision along the back of the bear and pulling out all of her stuffing.

▼ “Why are you doing this to me??”

Sanjun then stepped inside the bear’s sad, saggy skin.

After that, some of the stuffing was added back in to pad out the bear’s body. The result was surprisingly awesome, if a bit creepy.

Thus, Angelica was reborn as “Sangelica!”

How kawaii!

Sangelica immediately began making a nuisance of herself in the office.

Unfortunately, Sanjun/Sangelica soon realised that getting out of the bear suit would require some assistance, and for some strange reason none of the other writers seemed all that keen to help him out. In the end, he roped one of his buddies into providing him with a refreshing cigarette through a hastily torn air hole (let’s be thankful Sangelica didn’t go up in flames with all that plush surrounding her. Don’t try this at home!).

Watch Sanjun turn into Sangelica in the two videos below!

The first video shows the process of prepping Angelica for her transformation into Sangelica.

The second video shows Sangelica enjoying herself by annoying everyone else in the office.

We’re not too sure what’s going to happen to Angelica after this, but it doesn’t look good. When we asked Yoshio if he was going to put Angelica back together again, he only repeated, “It’s classified.” Looks like Angelica might be headed to the trash, but we sure had fun with her!

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