Carry a part of the Clow with you when you wear these beautiful earrings.

In light of its 20th anniversary, this year has been full of exciting news for Card Captor Sakura, including a new manga and anime series. Anime goods retailer Movic has also produced a number of special order items for the series, the most recent of which are these lovely Sakura-inspired earrings.


These tin-alloy-plated, asymmetrical earrings were modeled with Sakura’s color scheme in mind, featuring pale pink glass beads and pearls with stars, flowers, and a clow card charm. Fans will notice the charm has been engraved with the rear-face design that appears on the cards in the deck. They make a subtle, yet stylish way to proclaim how much you love the series.

Even though the earrings hang 9.5 centimeters (3.74 inches), they’re rather lightweight at just 11 grams (0.38 ounces). Unfortunately, however, those planning to wear them as pierced earrings will have to switch out the clip-on part at the top with pierced backings.


Movic will be taking Cardcaptor Sakura earring reservations until July 10 for 5,832 yen (US$55.98) a pair, with an estimated late-August shipping date. Those interested can make their reservations here, but unfortunately you’ll need to ask a friend or a reshipping service to order for you if you don’t have an address in Japan.

Later, if you’re looking for somewhere to show off them off, be sure to check out the first-ever Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe courtesy of Animate, now open in Okayama and Sendai Prefectures for a limited time before taking a break and eventually moving on to other parts of Japan later this summer and fall.

Source: Movic
Feature/insert images: Movic