See the sights and hear the sounds of Tokyo with this amazing recreation of the city using only Muji brand household products.

After finding success by miniaturizing the average Japanese home, Muji (also known as Mujirushi Ryouhin, literally “No-Logo Quality Products”), has outdone itself again by miniaturizing Tokyo with its simple yet stylish and stackable goods.

As part of the “MUJI 10,000 Shapes of Tokyo” project, Muji teamed up with creative companies dot by dot and TASKO to re-build the most iconic sights of the big city using 10,000 Muji products, and the results are amazing!

▼ Tokyo Tower


▼ Shibuya Crossing


▼ Rainbow Bridge


▼ Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building


▼Senso-ji Temple


Beginning next week from March 15, the miniatures will be displayed at Taipei’s Muji flagship store, before making a trip over the Pacific Ocean to the company’s U.S. flagship store in New York City later in the month. By featuring the installation at their international store locations, Muji hopes to promote not only itself, but Tokyo tourism as well.

Source: YouTube/MUJIglobal via Design Taxi
Top image: YouTube/MUJIglobal
Insert images: MUJI