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Japanese enthusiasts show us that military cosplay is serious business.

The military otaku is a subgenre of otaku that can be spotted en masse in matching uniforms at Comiket or playing survival games with replica weapons so detailed you could easily mistake them for the real thing. While some go for the sexy look, there are plenty of people who strive for realism and historical accuracy, and there’s no denying that a tremendous amount of effort goes into the outfits.

If you’re a hardcore military buff you’ll probably be able to spot a few issues (apparently wearing hats inside is a major faux pas), but to the undiscerning eye these photos might look like they’re from a Very Serious military council. They are, however, actually from a Very Serious cosplay convention that recently gathered for a photo shoot in Japan, and were subsequently shared all over Twitter.

“Can you believe this is a cosplay photo shoot?”

▼ The event seems to have had a strong focus on formality and remaining in character.

▼ Everyone looks very smart…

▼ …although that skirt doesn’t look regulation.

▼ I spy some Kancolle props.

▼ Kancolle has ruined everything for serious military buffs; no meeting is now complete without at least one shipgirl.

Every country has its share of military buffs, but Japan’s certainly go that extra mile!

Source: Twitter Matome Box
Header Image: @MagTecht_fuka on Twitter