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When your body is made to soar and screech, but your soul longs for spurs and steeds.

It wasn’t so long ago that the only funny animal pictures to be found on the internet were of cats and dogs. But now, thanks to the efforts of animal-lovers everywhere, we have hilarious pictures of everything ranging from horses to goats to even capybaras too.

And another surprisingly cute addition to that list: owls. Once thought of as fierce hunters of the night, now owls are little more than round, big-eyed feathered fuzzballs.

Case in point, this video tweeted by Japanese owl-owner @5104127:

Giddy up little cowboy, get that pony trottin’!

Owls usually don’t make for the best indoor pets, so we’d advise again rushing out to buy one, but this little guy looks like he’s loving it—if anyone could get that pony trottin’, it’s Momo-chan here!

While part of me hopes that this was just a one-time event that the owl magically perfected, a much bigger part of me hopes that the owl just does this all the time, even when no one else is around. Because that would be amazing.

Here’s how Japanese net users reacted to cowboy owl:

“That’s some impressive balance on the back of that bucking bronco.”
“It doesn’t even move its wings. It’s a natural!”
“Guess that makes sense since they have to balance on tree branches.”
“I love how it just keeps staring straight ahead.”
“I had no idea owls could be so cute….”

If you’re a latecomer to the owl-loving bandwagon too, then don’t worry, our adorable owl starter pack has everything you need to giddy right up.

Source: Twitter/@5104127 via Hamusoku
Featured/top image: Twitter/@5104127