Now you can make your own frappucinos without having to step out into the summer heat.

Last year, when Starbucks announced they were releasing a special frozen drink maker as part of their summer drinkware lineup, the limited-edition item proved so popular it quickly sold out at a number of outlets around the country. For K. Nagahashi, the most ardent Frapuccino-lover on our Japanese writing team, news of a re-release this year had him dropping everything and making a beeline for the closest Starbucks store to ensure he didn’t miss out on snaring one of the frozen drink makers this time around.

▼ Nagahashi wasn’t taking any chances, arriving just as the store opened on the 18 May release day.


Upon entering, the frothy clouds of Starbucks parted and the heavens sang as the drink makers appeared before him. And this time they were in different colours to last year!


With Clear White, Alpine Blue, and Punch Pink colours to choose from, Nagahashi didn’t hesitate, immediately grabbing one of each to take home.


On the store shelf, a note to customers advises that purchases of the red and blue drink makers are limited to five per person on release day. This is in anticipation of the coloured styles selling out immediately online, as they did previously, which makes them highly sought after and profitable for buying in bulk to resell on online auction sites.


There are three basic steps to creating a delicious frozen drink with the special tumbler. First, take out the plastic inner core and place it in the freezer for 8–18 hours. Once it’s ready, pop it back in the plastic cup and pour in your favourite drink. Then, simply mix it all with the attached spoon for roughly seven minutes until it turns icy and you’re done!


Juices, cold coffee blends and iced teas all work great with the drink maker. While the concept of making frozen drinks at home isn’t entirely new, making one in a Starbucks-branded cup changes the experience entirely.


▼ It’s enough to make an ordinary iced coffee look and taste like a delicious Frapuccino!


Once the drink maker’s inner core has sufficiently cooled in the freezer, Nagahashi will finally be able to get a taste of his first icy-cold home-made drink. We tried to convince him to whip up a frothy, frozen matcha latte for us but for him it will be Starbucks coffee all the way.


Shortly after returning from his fruitful trip, Nagahashi checked the Starbucks online store and sure enough, the coloured drink makers had already sold out. If you’d like to get your hands on one of these, be sure to head to your nearest store as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!

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