If you only watch one construction equipment themed superhero series today, do yourself a favor and make it Heavy Machinery Girl.

Produced by construction equipment manufacturer and retailer Taguchi Kogyo, Heavy Machinery Girl (Juki Shojo) follows our hero as she tackles everyday problems with the aid of Taguchi’s massive Guzzilla DS Cutter.

In Episode One, we find a little girl’s day has been ruined by yet another balloon-eating tree.

Then along comes Heavy Machinery Girl who has an idea.

Climbing into her Guzzilla DS Cutter, she gently snaps that tree in half, bringing the balloon down to where the little girl can reach it.

Then along comes a befuddled groundskeeper.

I really hope that guy becomes a hugely successful and distinguished actor so that we can one day look back on this performance and laugh. By the way, this episode has two versions with a happy and sad ending which you can watch depending on your mood.

▼ Sad ending version

Once you’ve watched Episode One, you should have no trouble getting the flow of Heavy Machine Girl. Episode Two brings much of the same only with our victim an elderly lady who can’t remember the combination to her safe.

Sheesh lady, it’s still gold. Get over it.

Science and fashion savvy readers might actually recognize Heavy Machine Girl as mechanical engineer Kyun-kun. She made waves worldwide in the past few years with the development of METCALF, a pair of wearable robotic arms.

METCALF is a part of Kyun-kun’s ambition of combining mechanics and fashion via robots we can wear. In addition to these arms she is also involved in a number of projects including a pair of musical smart shoes called Orphe.

However, despite her technical prowess, Kyun-kun is not actually driving the cutter in the videos. They used a body double for that.

Kyun-kun’s impressive resume lead Taguchi Kogyo to seek her out as a spokesperson for several promotions including a four-episode stint as Heavy Machinery Girl with the final two episodes scheduled for the end of June.

Yes, the future is certainly looking bright for Kyun-kun…weird but bright nonetheless!

▼ Each episode of Heavy Machinery Girl also has a making-of video

Source: Kyun-kun (Japanese/English) via Kai-you (Japanese)
Video & Images: YouTube/taguchannel, YouTube/kyun kun