This cosplaying kitten and his adorable poses are all you need to get through Monday.

Despite not appearing on the market until last year, online web browser game Touken Ranbu, or Violent Blade Dance, has amassed a huge league of followers, largely due to its intriguing storyline and cast of suave, good-looking male characters.


With two anime series already in the pipeline, the story about famous historical swords brought to life by gameplayers is striking a chord with Japanese women interested in samurai culture. It turns out it’s captured the heart of an adorable young kitten too, who’s been pictured all dressed up as one of the main characters from the game, an anthropomorphised sword called Yamanbagiri Kunihiro.

The hooded white cape, along with the collared shirt, blue necktie, and orange and gold cord embellishment, proved to be such an impressive cosplay outfit that Twitter immediately went into a flutter, with the image of the charming cat receiving thousands of likes and retweets.

Bringing the outfit to life though, was the sweet, ginger-flecked kitten with big, bright eyes. His faraway glances and steely gazes channelled the spirit of the game character so well that he came back with a couple more inspiring poses almost a fortnight later, this time dressed in a pure white samurai-style costume.

The simple, yet beautiful costume has impressed fans of the character, who note the attention to detail on the brooch, which bears the crane-shaped crest of the swordsman.

▼ After all that posing, it’s no wonder the cosplaying kitten needs a cat nap!

With the anime series of Touken Ranbu set to begin screening on Japanese television this autumn, we can’t wait to see what other cosplay surprises this cat has up its sleeve!

Source: Togech
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