Not only were these heroines and villains granted super powers — they were also given a haute wardrobe!

Have you ever wondered where manga artists come up with all the characters, plot lines, and costumes that appear in their stories? Sure, there are manga material websites for budding new artists now, but that wasn’t necessarily the case 25 years ago when Naoko Takeuchi was drawing what would become her best-selling comic, Sailor Moon.

When it came to a number of major character and villain designs, Takeuchi turned to the 1992 designs of luxury fashion brands she admired like Chanel and Dior for inspiration.

Here are some of the outfits that the internet has been able to trace back to haute couture:

▼ Princess Serenity – Dior


▼ Catzi (Negamoon Sister) – Mugler


▼ Dark Lady – Yves Saint Laurent


▼ Hotaru/Sailor Saturn – Mugler


▼ Setsuna/Sailor Pluto – Chanel


▼ Calaveras – Christian Lacroix


Luckily for cosplayers, this means that you can put together any one of these characters without having to thread a needle — as long as you have the cash and the patience to hunt these vintage pieces down!

Source: Tumblr/silvermoon424, Tumblr/prynette
Feature/insert images: Tumblr/silvermoon424Tumblr/prynette