Cat Scare 7

Which Pixar movie could make kitty react this way?

Whether they’re sleeping, eating, or walking through closed sliding doors, cats have a delightful way of making us smile at their antics, and we always laugh the hardest when we know they probably don’t want us to. Lately, it’s cats watching scary movies that have been catching our interest, and this cute little bundle of fur from Japan, named Rikku, is reminding us why the term “scaredy cat” exists, as its relaxed face turns into one of horror, all because of an animated Pixar movie.

▼ The chill kitty, who usually loves kicking back in this position to watch a movie, suddenly lost its stoic cool when one scene played out on the screen.

Cat Scare 2

▼ The cat’s eyes grew wide and its head pulled back away from the screen.

Cat Scare 6

▼ But still, kitty couldn’t look away.

Cat Scare

And what was it that caused the feline to recoil in fear? It was James P. Sullivan, a.k.a Sulley, from Monsters, Inc., in the scene where he’s made to give out a loud roar and ends up scaring his little friend Boo.

▼ Turns out the loveable furry monster has a way of scaring cats too.

Cat Scare 3

The cute pet’s owner, Twitter user @HOMEALONe_ksk, posted the photos online, where they received more than 25,000 likes and retweets, with commenters laughing at the sweet cat’s reaction to the film.

According to @HOMEALONe_ksk, Rikku was more shocked by Sulley’s roar than any other part of the movie. Still, it’s not the first time the black-and-white kitty has pulled this face, with another movie causing the same reaction, although this one didn’t even make it out of the DVD box.

That time, Rikku was reacting to his owners attempts to watch a Harry Potter movie. The clever kitten must’ve known what types of scary monsters lay in store just by looking at the cover! To see more of Rikku’s expressive faces, be sure to follow him on Twitter, or you can visit his Funny Cat Rikku Blog (変顔猫リュックと愉快な仲間たち) for more hilariously cute updates.

Source: ITMedia
Images: Twitter/@HOMEALONe_ksk