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Count us Kentucky fried in!

If you’re a fried chicken fan in Japan, September 9 is sort of like Christmas. Not only is it the birthday of your personal savior (Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders), but it’s also a day of great celebration, as select KFC branches offer all-you-can-eat fried chicken.

However, while Christmas comes but once a year, sometimes KFC is more frequent in its unbridled generosity. In addition to the Colonel’s birthday, the chain offered unlimited chicken on two other days in 2014, and this year comes the joyous news that the all-you-can-eat deal will be offered on every Wednesday evening between July 13 and August 31!

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1,380 yen (US$13.40), or 980 yen for kids elementary-school-age or younger, gets you three pieces of original recipe chicken, a biscuit, a small order of French fries, and a medium soft drink, plus as many refills of each component as you’d like for 45 minutes. While a full hour would have made for a nice, round number, we’re guessing that after 45 minutes of chowing down on fried chicken, you should be plenty full. As for getting your money’s worth, the starter set itself would ordinarily cost 1,340 yen, basically the same price as the-all-you-can-eat deal, so as long as you get a refill of anything, you’re coming out ahead.

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As part of RocketNews24’s regular experiments regarding how much delicious food the human stomach can hold, our Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun previously hit the wall at 15 pieces of KFC, which usually cost 3,750 yen. So if your appetite matches P.K.’s you could be saving 2,370 yen (US$23) with this deal, meaning that if you’re making less than 20 bucks an hour at your job, unlimited KFC is an economically better use of your time than working.

▼ P.K. at the end of a long, hard shift.

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Just as you’ll want to prepare your stomach for such a meal, KFC needs time to prepare its kitchens, and so the all-you-can-eat meal is available by prior reservation only, with the first day to make one being July 8. 207 branches across Japan will be offering the limitless feast, with the complete list of participating restaurants to be posted soon on KFC Japan’s website.

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