Namja Town

Gamers can become Pac-Man with new VR attraction in Tokyo【Video】

Video gaming’s newest trend meets its oldest hero with co-op game at Namco’s Tokyo amusement park.

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“Poop Kanji Town” opens in Tokyo with excrement-shaped items on the menu

The new collaboration combines Japanese-language learning with poop-shaped edible items.

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Shin Godzilla resurges in Tokyo with extended residency at cafe and new limited-edition ice cream

Now you can destroy Godzilla and his foes with your jaws in the heart of Tokyo!

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Godzilla and his monstrous co-stars become desserts in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhood

Kaiju cuisine is now on the menu at Namja Town!

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We try cute meals, drinks and sweets from Namja Town’s Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal menu

We recently brought you news of the enticing Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon-themed menu at Namja Town, an indoor theme park operated by Namco, in Tokyo. The themed offerings were really quite something, and after spending so much time poring over the unbelievably cute items on offer, we found ourselves itching to stop in for a visit!

And visit we did. Come with us now as we eat everything from Luna P-Ball, Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick, and even Tuxedo mask’s pocket watch. These incredible edibles are absolutely adorable and filled with so many surprising details they’re almost too cute to eat! Almost…

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Sailor Moon Crystal menu at Namja Town features adorable drinks, meals and desserts

Namja Town, an indoor theme park in Tokyo operated by Namco, is putting  out a special spread to celebrate Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary year. With a selection of five beverages and a whopping fourteen types of cute meals and desserts to choose from, this is the most extensive list of Sailor Moon-themed edibles we’ve ever seen!

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