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We would definitely be willing to spend a lifetime catching all of these.

To no one’s surprise, Pokémon GO is one of the most talked about games on the Internet right now. While the game itself is going through its ups and downs, it still manages to become a focal point in some family’s lives.

With the craze still strong around the world, (except in Iran), it’s only fitting that these beautiful and completely realistic re-visualizations of Pokémon characters are causing some serious buzz on the Internet. The artist behind these fantastic images goes by the name totomame (stylized as totoまめ), and he’s definitely the very best, like no one ever was.

▼ This Ivysaur looks like it could hide in a pond with ease

toto 12

▼ The Venasaur is still menacing despite the gigantic pink flower.

toto 5

▼ A Blastoise snapping turtle could bite you up close and shoot you from afar!

toto 14

▼ A fierce-looking Charmeleon shows everyone how he feels about an “itty bitty living space”.

toto 13

▼ This Pidgey pretty much already exists in real life.

toto 15

▼ Meowth has a present for you, and it’s not the gold coin on its head!

toto 18

▼ Pika-dorable!

toto 17

▼ That Meowth better watch out for this electrifying Raichu!

toto 11

▼ A wild Lapras chilling with its Tentacool buddies.

toto 19

▼ If this Vulpix existed in real life, it’d be the most popular pet.

toto 8

▼ Good ol’ Mew looking cute before it gets down to any genetic experiments.

toto 16

Besides the recreation of the original 150 Pokémon, totomame has also drawn a few of the newer Pokémon with equally dazzling results.

▼ Plusle and Minun form the perfect yin-yang of Poké-bunnies.

toto 2

▼ Ho-oh is ready to strut its stuff if anyone approaches.

toto 3

▼ Lucario looking ready to take on all comers in Smash Bros.

toto 4

▼ This Marill would hide perfectly in the water.

toto 7

Even though these images were drawn a few years ago, it’s no wonder they are experiencing a resurgence thanks to the revival of Pokémon through Pokémon GO. With such amazing results, all we can say to totomame is…you gotta draw’em all! And be sure to check out totomame’s Pixiv page for even more of these amazing Poké-creatures!

Source: Dorkly via DesignTAXI
Images: ©totoまめ from Pixiv