Japanese style

Tear up the stage and the 2020 Tokyo Marathon with kabuki-inspired ASICS sneakers

Japanese shoe company ASICS brings the theatrical flair with their commemorative 2020 Tokyo Marathon line.

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Turns out even Japanese people aren’t sure how to use Japanese-style toilets

Japanese Twitter user reopens debate on Japanese-style squat toilet etiquette, but is it just a flush in the pan?

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Give your gaming setup some Japanese style with this sweet floor chair

Take your gaming to the next level: the floor!

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An insider’s look at how Salvador Dali’s beloved traditional Japanese-style umbrellas are made

Just what is it about Japanese style umbrellas that captured Salvador Dali’s heart? HIYOSHIYA may give you a hint or two.

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What’s really for breakfast? 20 Japanese people give us a peek at their morning meal【Photos】

Like most countries around the world, Japan has quite a few delicious foods, like sushi, tempura and sukiyaki, that really stand out. But as delicious as they are, these wonderful dishes are usually only enjoyed every once in a while and are by no means what a regular Japanese person enjoys for their meals on a daily basis.

Of all the meals, a typical Japanese breakfast is perhaps what people are most curious about since it’s the least talked about (it’s not like breakfast is usually served at your local Japanese restaurant, after all!). Are Japanese people still scarfing down traditional Japanese foods each morning, or have they switched to a simpler, more Western style of breakfast? Let’s find out!

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