Simple but intriguing plaything is hard to resist, and that’s exactly why he’s standing outside.

Almost as if they have a thing for alliteration, by nature cats are curious, covetous, and capricious. Take, for example, the tiny little kitten in this video from Japanese Twitter user @yabatan_neko. He’s excited about the tissue box he’s found, and he hops right up on top of it in order to get a better look and psychologically claim ownership. He’s so happy that his eyes turn into anime-style crescent moon shapes.

Then the capriciousness seems to kick in, though. As he stands there, he inserts a paw into the box time and time again, but never actually goes in. Watching him, it’s hard not to say “Come on, head on into your awesome box fort!”

But there’s a pretty good reason for his hesitance.

See, that box isn’t big enough for two, and it’s already got an occupant, as another kitten has already set himself up in the cozy new digs.

As is often the case when kids are squabbling over who gets to play with something, Mom eventually comes in to settle the dispute. Following the rule of first-come-first-served, the kitten who appears at the start of the video is nudged aside to wait until either the other little feline decides he’s ready to come out or perhaps their human owners blow their noses enough to empty a second box.

It’s come to our attention that this actually isn’t the first time we’ve oohed and aahed over this video. While it’s definitely the sort of thing we could watch over and over again without ever getting tired of it, we apologize for the mix-up, which we blame on the overload of cuteness wiping out part of our mental capacity and/or the powerful influence wielded by the feline shadow government that actually runs so much of our world.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@yabatan_neko

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