This ploy for attention is working just fine.

While cats do have natural hunting instincts, there generally isn’t going to be any prey for them to find inside a human household. Because of that, this Japanese kitty, named Map (due to the map-like markings on his back), has to wait patiently while his owner prepares his meals for him.

All the same, the four-year-old Munchkin has gotten pretty good at making his hungry presence felt, both by putting on an adorable expression and standing stoically at his owner’s side as he waits for his food.

This isn’t the only time Map has achieved maximum cuteness through a combination of his big, pleading eyes and lower body strength, though. Just like human babies will instinctively reach for smartphones they’re being filmed with, so too will Map rise up on his hind legs to try to get a paw on his owner’s phone.

This isn’t a brand new trick Map has just learned, either. Photographic evidence of him standing at attention goes back to at least last autumn.


▼ He hasn’t completely mastered the art of choosing where to stand yet, though.


And apparently after a long day of standing, there’s nothing more relaxing than reading some manga before dozing off.

Still, we think Map’s strategy of standing as he waits for his food might be counterproductive, as we’d definitely be tempted to keep him waiting just a second longer to keep looking at his cute little face. On the other hand, it’s nice to see that he doesn’t forget his manners just because there’s a rumble in his tummy, unlike some other cats.

Source: IT Media
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