Kitty goes from nice to naughty in attention-grabbing tactics when it’s kept waiting for the fish it’s craving.

In general, we tend to think of cats as elegant as relaxed, elegant creatures. Likewise, most people associate getting older with achieving a sense of patient calmness.

So you’d sort of expect the 16-year old cat owned by Japanese Twitter user @miko_rin_ko to be pretty serene in demeanor, especially since it’s named Chiru, which you could also transliterate from Japanese as “Chill.” Still, being in proximity to a tasty cut of fish is an exciting moment for any kitty, so when @miko_rin_ko’s father started slicing some fish in the kitchen, Chiru came looking for a handout.

But Dad already had his hands full preparing the meal for the home’s human residents. “Enough with the meowing!” he good-naturedly chides the cat, which has one forepaw on the counter and the other at the tail of the man’s shirt. As Chiru runs of patience, though, the cat starts jostling about, either in an attempt to get more attention or hoist itself up so it can nab the fish for itself, but it ends up with a different prize altogether.

We suppose it’s entirely possible that kitty simply lost its balance, and that this is nothing more than an embarrassing accident. But on the other hand, we can’t entirely rule out the possibility that Chiru knew someone was filming, and decided to teach Dad a lesson: Either share the seafood, or be ready for you, and your underwear, to become viral video stars.

Source: IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@miko_rin_ko

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