Hot potato chips covered in pumpkin and chocolate sauce? According to our taste test, it’s like a delicious McDonald’s pumpkin pie!

Earlier this year we brought you news of the McChoco Potato, a serving of fries slathered in a double chocolate sauce from McDonald’s Japan. While it was only available for a limited time, now the concept of chips and chocolate is back for Halloween, with an all-new addition of pumpkin added to the mix.

▼ Say hello to the “Halloween Choco Potato”.


▼ The fries come in a box covered in cute Halloween images, including a bright orange pumpkin and a witch on a broomstick.


On the underside of the lid, there’s information on how to join a special Twitter campaign by tweeting a photo of the sauced-up fries with the hashtag #チョコソース占い (Chocolate Sauce Fortune-telling). Twitter users will receive an automated response with details of their character “type”, depending on how the sauce has been drizzled on the fries.


▼ The sauce is served separately in a large plastic snap pak sachet.


On the left is the chocolate flavour, and on the right is the pumpkin sauce. As the pack is squeezed back on itself, the two sauces drizzle out together, creating evenly distributed ripples of flavour.


As soon as we began drizzling the sauce on the fries, we could smell the sweet aroma of chocolate. Combined with the heat of the potatoes, it became surprisingly similar to the smell of a freshly baked doughnut.


▼ The spindly hues of dark brown and bright orange are a great colour combination for Halloween!


The first mouthful was a strange mix of unfamiliar flavours. The chocolate was there, but its sweetness was mild and subtle, and while it provided a creamy richness to the hot fries, it was the bright orange pumpkin sauce that sang out with a fruity sweet flavour.


Though sweet, the pumpkin still had a distinct savoury flavour to it, which, when mixed with the salty crispness of the potatoes, was remarkably similar to a slice of baked pumpkin pie.


Not as sweet as the double chocolate fries released earlier this year, the new Halloween Choco Potato is a more subtle combination of savoury and sweet. The delicious treat has a fantastic bold appearance and a mix of surprising flavours, which is everything we want in a limited-edition release for Halloween!


Retailing for 330 yen (US$3.28) each, or for an extra 60 yen as part of any set deal, the new fries will only be available for a limited time until Halloween so be sure to stop by for a taste before they vanish from the menu forever!


Photos © RocketNews24