This Japanese company creates bags and smartphone pouches using the same type of distinctive plates and stitching found on samurai armour.

With samurai-inspired hoodies, pants, and coats on the market, traditional warrior fashion never goes out of style. Now, popular novelty goods store Village Vanguard is joining the ranks with a lineup of head-turning bags and pouches from Japanese company Gyoku, which feature stitched plates commonly seen on samurai armour.

Whether you’re looking for a unique way to carry your smartphone, or a satchel to channel your bushido warrior spirit, this range will help add some unique flair to any outfit.

The collection includes a couple of small pouches designed to carry smartphones, which retail for 15,444 yen (US$150) each. Mimicking Japanese armour, the small bags come with either black or red leather plates threaded together with dark blue yarn. 


The underside of each pouch, which can fit larger smartphones like the iPhone6Plus, is made with a dark brown buffalo leather, specially processed to create an antique look. The bag itself comes with a couple of removable leather belt straps, which can be used together or on their own, depending on how you prefer to wear the pouch. 


If you’re looking for a belt to compliment the look, Gyoku has a number of eye-catching options, featuring materials usually used to line traditional tatami straw mat flooring. Stitched onto buffalo leather belts, these retail for 6,534 yen ($63) each.


The centrepiece of the collection, however, is the stunning samurai armour satchel, which retails for 33,264 yen (US$323). Made from leather, the versatile item can be worn either as a shoulder bag or a waist pouch and has enough room inside to fit three 500-millilitre (17-ounce) drink bottles.


The samurai-inspired collection was recently publicized by a number of Japanese media outlets, which meant the bags and smartphone cases sold out at the Village Vanguard online store in a matter of days.

Thankfully, Gyoku has its own online store, which has some smartphone pouches still in stock, and their belts can be purchased from Wanokaze, an online store specializing in traditional Japanese goods that ships internationally.

Given the huge demand for the samurai satchels, we’re hoping they’ll be back in stock at one of the company’s retailers soon. To keep up to date with developments, check out the Gyoku blog for more details.

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Source, images: Village Vanguard