Sanji and Zoro’s stylish geta-clad feet take center stage on this quirky, super-cool line of satchels and rucksacks.

“Mis zapatos” means “my shoes” in Spanish, but this fashionable bag brand first booted up in Japan. Mis zapatos’ purses and satchels have a unique flair, with bright colors and zany stitched designs. True to the brand’s name, the focal point of these bags are pairs of glamorous, embroidered footwear. Some of the bags even incorporate the handles of the bag into the design so that they resemble long, lanky legs!

The brand has collaborated with anime IPs such as Neon Genesis Evangelion before, but this time they’re focusing their craftsmanship upon two characters from ever-popular shonen series One Piece: Luffy and Zoro. The mis zapatos line tends to feature female figures for their bag designs, with billowing skirts and coquettishly pointed toes, so handsome Zoro and boyish Luffy pose a break from tradition. In the embroidered illustrations for the bags, both Strawhats sport fashionable kimono that are brimming with character and personality.

▼ The designs emblazoned across 2-way Tote Bags, priced at 7,150 yen (US$67.45) each.

The spacious totes are sturdy and durable, well-equipped to ferry books, groceries, or ill-gotten pirate booty wherever you’re prepared to carry them.

Luffy and Zoro’s stylish kimono illustrations can also be found on the Gear Second PC Backpack, which costs a little more: 8,250 yen including tax. These vertical backpacks contain a sleek inner pocket to keep your laptop safe and snug, as well as a side pocket, capable of holding anything from USB memory drives to emergency rations.

If you don’t need all that luggage space, a more economical option would be the Gear Third Shoulder Pouches. These smaller pouches come with a thinner strap to wear across the body or over the shoulder, and they squeeze all that funky kimono flair into a tinier package.

4,290 yen including tax will net you one of these pretty pouches.

One Piece otaku who need to port their goods on their shoulders will be delighted to know the last design, the Gear Fourth Crossbody Bag, has an extra pocket to squirrel away all kinds of goodies within. This roomy, over-the-shoulder affair will set you back 7,150 yen including tax.

There may be some One Piece fans who would prefer not to have Sanji and Zoro’s bottom halves plastered across their bag. Mis zapatos offers the Flare Skirt Rucksack: Straw Hat Pirates to appease these fans, with the option of black or beige for the primary fabric. These rucksacks cost 6,490 yen including tax and come equipped with attractive side and front pockets; the beige version’s patterned skirt shows Luffy’s squad in monochrome, while the black one paints each portrait in a different rainbow hue.

For the ultimate in fandom subtlety look no further than the Long Skirt 3-Way Satchel: Straw Hat Pirates bag. Capable of functioning as a backpack, a tote or a shoulder bag, this design is a classic mis zapatos affair: a long, billowing skirt with two cute sneakered feet. But wait, look closer: the fabric on those shoes is plastered in portraits of the Strawhat gang! This one also costs 6,490 including tax and comes in the same black and beige color variations.

The gorgeous embroidery and unique style of mis zapatos blends beautifully with the fiery attitudes and brash colors of the One Piece gang. The bags are now on sale through Village Vanguard: try to snap one up before they become as elusive as the legendary treasure One Piece is named after!

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Source, images: PR Times
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