Half cat, half Rilakkuma, but all sorts of adorable.

While dogs will do anything to make their owners happy, cats will do the things that makes themselves happy. Sure, they might sit on command, but only if at the end of “sit” there is a tasty treat in store for them. For the most part though, if an owner tries to put clothes or other random objects on a cat, it doesn’t end successfully.

So @Seres204472751 probably wans’t expecting much when he decided to place a Rilakkuma head on his cat. No way could this be successful enough to create a funny memory, let alone take a picture.

“I totally didn’t think my cat would be as complacent as this!”


Miracles do happen! This majestic feline not only looks darling with its new headwear, but also is the perfect fusion of a sphinx and Rilakkuma. Or as one Twitter user commented, “a Sphinxkkuma!”

We think this cat knew just how fantastic it looked with this little accessory and therefore let the owner bask in its glory. That or it’s concentrating extremely hard trying to come up with the perfect revenge plot. It’s definitely surprising that the cat allowed this since covering a cat’s head blocks many of their senses and usually causes a bit of a freak out. Certainly this owner should test whether this was a one time occurrence or a repeat phenomenon because if this can be replicated, there are definitely some more cute pictures waiting to be taken.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@Seres204472751