Relation-pig goals.

You may have heard about the battle for November 11 in Japan, with companies vying for what holiday will reign supreme. It basically comes down to the candy company Glico vs. every other company in Japan attempting to make the very lonely date 11/11 known as “Single’s Day.”

But Glico has a few years’ head start marketing 11/11 as “Pocky Day,” in honor of the snack that stands up long, thin and straight, just like the numbers in the date 11/11.

▼ It’s that candy you eat one at a time at first, but then after the first few, you just shove the whole pack into your mouth. Or maybe that’s just me….

One way many people celebrate Pocky Day, aside from buying copious amount of the chocolate-covered sticks, is by putting one end of the Pocky into their mouth, and inviting someone they fancy to put the other end in their mouth. And then, à la Lady and the Tramp, the two mouths meet in the center for a Pocky-kiss.

▼ It’s every bit as magical as this illustration makes it out to be.

But one couple you might not have expected to take part in the Pocky Day festivities ended up being one of the day’s most popular online. Japanese Twitter user @IsonoNamiheyCH posted a video of two guinea pigs enjoying a leafy snack that brings them together in the same way as couples on Pocky Day:

▼ They may not be sharing a Pocky, but it’s probably
better for their digestive systems that they’re not.

I don’t know about you, but that moment when the two of them booped their noses against each other, stopped for a second, and realized what they’d done, my heart basically melted into a puddle of fur and Pocky.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter users reacted:

“So… cute….”
“That is some determined chewing! Nonstop even to the end.”
“This made my day so much better.”
“The little stop they do… d’aww!”

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Source/featured image: Twitter/IsonoNamiheyCH