Find out how a little quick thinking with simple objects can save the day in a pinch.

If there’s one thing that every cosplayer has experienced at one point or other, it’s the frustration of leaving part of his or her carefully crafted costume at home on the day of the big photo shoot. However, before that feeling of despair sinks in, some cosplayers have used their quick thinking skills to divert a potential disaster into a favorable outcome.

Stories of such mishaps are currently trending on Japanese Twitter under the hashtag #レイヤー忘れ物伝説 (“tales of cosplayers forgetting things”). We’ve got to hand it to them – while most of the makeshift solutions make use of ordinary, on-hand items, they’re hardly noticeable in the finished portraits. See if you can spot the clever fixes in the following tweets:

1. “I forgot my buttons so I drank two bottles of vitamin drink really quickly.”

2. “I never thought I would use this tag. Today I forgot Ichigo Hitofuri’s tie, but I somehow managed with this camera strap!  Thank you, Tsuru-san.”

3. “I forgot my white shirt but I made up for it by using wet wipes. I had the cameraman place the wipes one by one around my neck area and then we took the photos with them still moist.” 

4. “Thank you, Loft” [a Japanese chain store which has distinctive yellow bags]

5. “I forgot my headband so I immediately made a new one out of the mask I wore to the studio.”

6. “I forgot red hair bands so I used tomatoes.”

7. This cosplayer sacrificed her backpack to make chest armor in a pinch:

8. “When I opened my bag, my mom’s pumps were inside.”

 9. Mintia breath mints make great stud earrings in desperate times:

10. “One of our group members forgot her choker, so I made one out of black packing tape. I think the shape came out well.”

11. “My apron is a garbage bag.”

12. “I love Mother Nature.”

13. This cosplayer forgot her black ribbon at home but came up with the idea to fashion bag straps into a makeshift one:

14. “I forgot my necklace but made up for it with a Black Thunder wrapper.”

15. Black tights bought at a convenience store are filling in for this guy’s belt!

Apart from the unfortunate guy with the heels, we probably never would’ve noticed the rest of these quick fixes. In other words, don’t give up if you ever happen to forget something on the way to your own photo shoot!

Source: Twitter/#レイヤー忘れ物伝説
Top image: Twitter/@7a_7a_7a