Become one with the bun.

Rabito, the aptly-named Korean design development company that gave iPhones everywhere pair of rabbit ears back in 2010, has come out with another innovative product that’s bunny-fying all who use it – the Rabito chair.


The Rabito chair will be available in Japan this winter thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign which earned 150-percent of its goal. The chair comes in two sizes, both featuring an inner chair base made from sturdy PVC material, and a soft, stylish cover. The chair can be used without the cover in situations where it might get dirty, such as beach or picnic outings, and can even be used in the water. It deflates easily, allowing for compact, lightweight transportation, and can be re-inflated quickly on the spot.


The small-sized chair is designed with little ones in mind, just the right size for kids aged two to six to sit comfortably, with arms rests for additional support. Plus, the ears are in just the right spot so that any little tyke using the chair will be transformed into a bunny themselves.




For us bigger people (yet still children at heart), there is the larger chair, without the arm rests but still with the adorable rabbit ears.




At this time the cover for the large chair will only be available in solid charcoal for 16,980 yen (US$149). The small chair will come with a choice of solid red, charcoal gray, or gray stripe cover for 14,980 yen. Stay tuned with us for sale dates and more info!

In the meantime, there are cute rabbit pouches and rabbit bags to get your collection of bunny goods started.

Source, images: Makuake
Top image: Makuake (edited by RocketNews24)