food models

Miso soup capsule toys look good enough to eat, come with recipes to make the real thing!【Photos】

Miniature models give us a big appetite for Japan’s favorite comfort food.

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Japan’s new hyper-realistic food model is specifically designed to get your coworkers to shut up

Company behind Cup Noodle creates a bit of culinary camouflage to keep your meal from being the topic of unwanted conversations.

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Miniature food artists are at it again, now with sushi, sake, and more traditional Japanese food

We know there’s a reason we love tiny food, but we just can’t put our finger on it.

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Japanese restaurant’s mouth-watering bento lunch models entice adorably hungry kitty 【Photos】

Many foreigners who travel to Japan are relieved to find that it’s common for restaurants here to have a display window filled with plastic models of the food they serve, which is a huge help in getting around the language barrier. That’s not really why restaurants have them, though. After all, the potential number of foreign customers is a drop in the bucket compared to the native Japanese population that has no trouble reading the menu or placing an order.

The real reason for those plastic models is that they catch the eye and stimulate the appetite of passersby, be they foreign tourist, local resident, or adorable cat.

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