Somehow, chocolate sandwiches are about to become even more awesome.

If you’re a whiskey fan, odds are you’ll be a little disappointed when you find out that Japanese food and beverage company Bourbon doesn’t make any alcoholic beverages. But while they can’t hook you up with any hard liquor, Bourbon still offers some incredible products.

A little over a year ago, Bourbon shocked the world by rolling out sliced chocolate which lovers of sweets could melt onto toast or wrap around fruits. Now, the company has expanded the line by adding a new white chocolate flavor.

▼ It may look sort of like cheese, but it’s much, much sweeter.


Set to go on sale March 7, the white chocolate is, like its predecessor, classified as “nama chocolate,” an extra-creamy, almost fudge-like confectionary that’s much-loved in Japan. Bourbon promises that the new Sliced Nama Chocolate White will be deliciously milky and have an enticing vanilla-laced aroma.

In addition, Bourbon is bringing back the standard sliced nama chocolate on March 7 as well, but with a slightly reformulated recipe. Packed with extra cocoa, this version is being billed as less sweet, and thus more sophisticated, than the original.


Both flavors will be sold in five-slice packages priced at 250 yen (US$2.15). Oddly enough Bourbon lists the five-slice total weights at 80 grams (2.8 ounces) for the white version, and 90 grams for the standard variety, although we doubt anyone who buys the latter will be complaining about getting an extra 10 grams of chocolate.

Source: @Press via IT Media, Entabe
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