Thank God only the arms are motorized and this berserk bunny can’t chase us.

If you were going to describe Miffy, bunny star of the illustrated series of children’s books from Dutch artist and author Dick Bruna, “non-threatening” would be a pretty good way to go about it. With her rounded features and Bruna’s penchant for bright colors, Miffy radiates innocence and goodwill when she shows up in the pages of her books.

But while she often seems sweet and kind, it’s worth noting that Miffy has almost no facial expression (a trait she shares with Hello Kitty, who debuted almost 20 years after Miffy). Miffy has no eyebrows, and her eyes are represented by two simple black dots, making it impossible to convey whether her eyes are open wide in wonder or narrowed with aggression. Similarly, her mouth is always just a black X, and there’s no way to determine whether she’s smiling or scowling at any given time.

So because of this, it’s really Miffy’s actions that imply what her emotions are. When she’s drawn by Bruna playing with her friends or spending time with her loving family, she seems like a calm and sweet little bunny. In a different context, though, like the one she was placed in by Japanese Twitter user @mansoon in this video, she looks more like a crazed killer rabbit.

Holding the scissors, which because of the stuffed animal’s small size look like gruesomely giant shears, Miffy (who was originally designed to be playing peek-a-boo) snaps and slices with such vigor that it shakes her entire body.

While our initial reaction is to cower in terror from Miffy’s awakened bloodlust, maybe our fears are misdirected. Given that some claim that there’s an army of horrific zombie Miffies out there in the world, maybe this scissor-wielding stuffed animal has merely armed itself for self-defense.

Source: Twitter/@mansoon