Need a new desk buddy? There’s one just a fold and a doodle away!

In Japan, sliced bread comes in sealed bags which are clipped in place at the top with a little plastic bread bag clip.


Once the bag has been opened, the clip is used to re-seal the bag and keep the contents fresh.


Rigid yet malleable, the small tag is usually recycled with other plastic items on recycling day.

Japanese Twitter users, however, have found a cute way to reuse the clips: by turning them into four-legged plastic pets!


All you need to do is fold the clip over and press down tight.


Immediately, the clip stands upright on four tiny legs and with the quick application of a smiley ink-drawn face, the bread bag tie becomes a little toy animal!



You’ll never be lonely again with a happy little animal friend to keep you company! Plus, it won’t disturb the neighbours.


Its shape is well-suited to cats, dogs, and any other four-legged animals you can dream up, meaning you can create an entire menagerie on your desktop.


Let’s take a quick look at some of the bread bag clip creations from Japanese Twitter users, starting with @japalanw, who was the first to introduce the clever idea online, with his cute little blue-coloured cat.


Simple to make, the only real skill is perfecting the penwork on the animals.


And if you prefer 2-dimensional company, four animal designs can be created from each tag.

Other than that, the only limit is your imagination!

Source: Iroiro
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