Genius sweets fan’s technique takes only seconds, requires no special equipment.

While they’re both delicious, ordinary pudding and crème brûlée occupy opposite ends on the scale of dessert elegance. Pudding is a cheap, accessible snack that you can buy ready-made in cans or cups at any grocery store, and is commonly eaten while sitting on your living room sofa. Crème brûlée, meanwhile, is the sort of thing you dine upon while seated at a fine restaurant.

In truth, though, crème brûlée is remarkably similar to normal pudding. Aside from its fancy French name, what makes crème brûlée special is its crisp, caramelized top layer. Cookbooks say to use a blowtorch to create that layer, though, and since most of us don’t have one in our home kitchen, the making of crème brûlée is often left to the professionals.

But Japanese Twitter user @PRpy8veMpF3rf67 has come up with an ingenious way to upgrade your pedestrian pudding cup to luxurious crème brûlée in mere seconds without any sort of specialized equipment.

First, peel the lid off your pudding cup, and sprinkle some granulated sugar on top of the pudding. Next, turn on your gas range, and hold a spoon in the open flame for a few seconds to heat it up (you’ll obviously want to make sure you’re using a metal spoon, not a plastic or wooden one).

Once the spoon is heated, press it against the top of the pudding. The heat will singe the sugar, caramelizing it and causing it to fuse with the surface area of the pudding, creating the crisp top layer that marks your dessert as having transcended to crème brûlée status!

@PRpy8veMpF3rf67 does offer one final warning, though. The spoon used to singe the pudding is still going to be very hot, so you’ll want to grab a different one to actually eat with. Granted, this means you’ll need two spoons to fully enjoy this recipe, but once the scalding hot spoon cools down enough to be just warm, you can find another use for it.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@PRpy8veMpF3rf67