creme brulee

Trying Häagen-Dazs Japan’s Brûlée Brûlée Brûlée for a taste of, well, crème brûlée

No, that’s not a typo.

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Häagen-Dazs Japan releases Matcha Creme Brulee ice cream for a limited time

Luxury ice cream sandwich adds Japanese green tea to a classic French dessert.

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Turn an ordinary pudding cup into gourmet crème brûlée with this awesome trick from Japan【Video】

Genius sweets fan’s technique takes only seconds, requires no special equipment.

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McDonald’s Japan goes high-class with new line of crème brûlée dessert beverages

Range covers drinks hot and cold, with and without caffeine.

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Japanese dessert lovers go crazy for crème brûlée crêpes at new Harajuku crêperie

The famous delicacy from Toyama Prefecture is now one of the most sought after sweets in the heart of Tokyo!

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Great Tasting Sashimi Dishes For Very Reasonable Prices—in Ginza Nonetheless!

Assorted Sashimi Plate

Itamae Baru, a Japanese food restaurant in Tokyo’s ritzy Ginza district, offers dishes to get excited over!  Why? You can’t find steamed abalone for 500 yen ($6.25 US) or uni pasta with generous amounts of sea urchin for 780 yen ($9.75 US) this tasty anywhere else in the city!

Itame Bare is one of these wonderful up and rising  restaurants where young itamae, or sushi chefs, create Japanese dishes for astonishing low prices! 

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