The new release is a great example of how big companies can support local businesses in the wake of a disaster.

In August last year, Typhoon Lionrock made landfall in Japan, dealing extensive damage to the country’s northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido, where at least three people died, and Iwate Prefecture, where a total of 19 people perished and more than 1,600 people were left stranded due to extensive flooding.

One of the worst-hit regions was Iwate’s town of Iwaizumi, which is still undergoing reconstruction after a large number of buildings and businesses in the area were severely damaged during the storm. Iwaizumi Milk Products, a local business well-known throughout the country for producing Iwaizumi Yoghurt, suffered severe losses, with damage to equipment, products and buildings forcing them to suspend operations for more than half a year.

▼ Floods wiped out stock and equipment at the company.

After costly repairs, Iwaizumi Yoghurt is aiming to resume production by this summer, and helping them on the road to recovery is Nestlé Japan, who has created an all-new limited-edition Kit Kat flavour in their honour.

▼ Iwaizumi Yoghurt-flavoured Kit Kat.

Created under the supervision of Iwaizumi Milk Products, this new addition to the Kit Kat “Big Little” range of bite-sized chocolates is said to have the same depth of flavour and unique acidity Iwaizumi Yoghurt is known for.

▼ The original Iwaizumi Yoghurt, which has been out of stock since last year.

This isn’t the first time Nestle’s Big Little Kit Kat brand has come out in support of a disaster-struck region, with the company helping Kumamoto Prefecture get back on its feet again last year, with a limited-edition Kumamoto Green Tea flavour.

The Iwaizumi Yoghurt Kit Kat will go on sale for 130 yen (US$1.17) at convenience stores around Japan from 22 May. 10 yen from each purchase will be donated to help support reconstruction activities in the affected regions so be sure to pick up a pack when you can!

Source: Nestle Japan Press Release
Featured image: Nestle Japan Press Release
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