Can’t put down that can of Pringles? Why not get a Bluetooth speaker while you’re at it?

Pringles is widely known to offer a novel approach to chip-consumption, due to the fact that their tube-like packaging just screams out for a hand to reach inside. Available in almost every country and supermarket, you’d be hard-pressed to resist the temptation to grab one off the shelf, and their appeal becomes even more evident in staving off hunger while watching TV or scavenging for suitable snacks for your next party.

Now, Pringles is holding a promotion that will set your ears and taste buds alight. The requirements are simple: send in Pringles flavor seals by June 30, and you will be rewarded with a spunky portable speaker which measures 7 by 7.2 centimeters (2.75 by 2.8 inches), runs on four single-cell batteries (batteries not included), and fits snugly over an empty Pringles tube (or partially filled if you value music over grub), amplifying anything played out of it.

▼ It comes with a funky new design and a cord too.

This promotion is actually the third one run by the company; and fans will probably recall a similar campaign held back in 2015. By popular demand, the Pringles portable speaker now sports Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to unleash wireless, sublime sour cream-flavored music with the flick of a switch. It ain’t no walk in the park though; the requirements have increased this year, with a whopping 19 flavor seals required to get your hands on that sweet speaker. Since buying 19 cans of chips at once can be downright daunting, not to mention the funny looks the supermarket cashier may give you, we highly recommend purchasing in batches of five or less.

▼ Send in 19 of these flavor seals in a single entry and you’re good to go!

The promotion runs from March 1 to June 30, 2017. To participate in this promotion, you can fill in an application form here or just write down the following information on a piece of paper:

Name (in furigana)
Postal code
Address (in furigana)
Phone number
E-mail address
Entry (if it’s a single entry, you just need 19 seals. If it’s two entries, you’ll require 38 seals total)
Number of seals
How did you hear about this promotion?

Put the form and seals in an envelope, then send it to the address below:

日本郵便株式会社 豊明郵便局留

If everything goes well, you’ll receive your spanking new speaker in one to two months’ time, all primed and ready to burst out your favorite flavor of music!

Source and images: Pringles via PRTIMES