Would you like a Kamehameha with your burger?

Even if you don’t regularly find yourself drawn to the Golden Arches in your own country, it’s worth it to pay a visit to McDonald’s while you’re in Japan. The fast food chain has a number of Japan-exclusive items, such as Hokkaido melon shakes, sakura sodas, and shogayaki pork burgers.

Then there’re they’re the special Happy Meal anime toys that are just for Japan (where the kids’ meal is actually called the “Happy Set”). Earlier this spring, Doraemon made an appearance, and now it’s the cast of martial arts classic Dragon Ball, enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to the currently airing Dragon Ball Super, who’re being bundled with Happy Meals in Japan.

Six different items are available, starting with hero Goku, in his newly developed blue-haired Super Saiyan mode.

In keeping with his reputation as a man of action, pressing the button on Goku’s back will cause him to fire a Kamehameha energy blast from his hands.

Those whose Saiyan loyalties lie instead with Vegeta will be pleased to know that the haughty prince is also available, and that he can throw a button-activated uppercut

Need even more stern-faced surliness? There’s also Vegeta’s half-human son Trunks, who can swing his ever-present sword thanks to the figure’s rotating shoulder joints.

Along with the ability to fly and change hair colors, some of Dragon Ball’s mightiest warriors can fuse with each other and create a new, single entity. When Trunks merges with Goku’s son Goten, they become Gotenks, whose figure can launch the Galactic Donut ki attack at the press of a button.

▼ Although in the figure’s case, the Galactic Donut is actually a solid disc.

And if all of those offensive techniques sound a little high-strung for your tastes, theirs always the chance that your Happy Meal will come with either one of the Dragon Balls themselves…

…or the Shenron dragon figurine…

…both of which produce a soft glow when you flip their switches.

The Dragon Ball Super Happy Meal toys make their debut at McDonald’s Japan locations on May 12, and will be available for a limited time.

Source: McDonald’s Japan via Hachima Kiko
Top image: McDonald’s Japan
Insert images: McDonald’s Japan, YouTube/マクドナルド公式(McDonald’s)