All while looking as hilariously disinterested in the task as possible.

Ah, cats. They’re either incredibly animated, vying for your attention and playing tag with friends, or lazing about with a total look of disinterest on their face, refusing to acknowledge the existence of anyone or anything around them.

Today’s cat from Japan belongs in the latter camp, sitting high up on a table like a queen and showing such little concern for her surroundings that she doesn’t even bother to turn around to look at the human filming her from behind with a camera.

Still, despite her apparent disregard for the world around her, this feline is actually getting something done with her tail. She’s pretty good at what she’s doing too, so take a look at the video below to view her fine skills.

Whether she’s actually aware of what she’s doing or not, this feline’s certainly got great aim, as the flick of her tail manipulates the hand spinner behind her.

While most people use their fingers to stop and start the spinning of a fidget, this cat simply uses her tail. And just in case anyone thinks she’s enjoying her human’s toy, she keeps her back to the object to show just how unimpressed she is with the hand spinner trend.

From the front, the cat with the skills, a six-year-old female tabby called Riura-chan, looks like this:

According to Riura-chan’s owner, the hand-spinner moment was a first and last experience for the cat, who hasn’t used her tail to flick the hand spinner since.

Let’s just hope Riura and her feline compatriots don’t discover the toothpick crossbow toys currently taking China by storm. If that happens, then we’ll all be in serious trouble!

Source: Net Lab
Images: Twitter/@fightZeleive