Can you identify Ah Leung‘s gorgeous Magic Eye-style film and anime characters?

Last year we introduced you to Hong Kong-based artist Ah Leung and his fantastically intricate drawing of Dragon Ball character Goku. The face images he produces are actually made up of a number of much smaller characters and scenes, all painstakingly designed and drawn by hand.

We decided that it’s about time we caught up with his work to see what he’s been up to since then. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Last year, to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of his screen debut, Ah Leung drew this amazing portrait of Rocky Balboa. While each little scene is an impressive drawing in its own right, it’s when they come together to form the whole that you can appreciate the talent involved.

Ah Leung doesn’t just produce pictures of fictional characters though, he also uses his native Hong Kong culture for inspiration as with these drawings of singer and film star Leslie Cheung and the BOC Tower.

As well as Dragon Ball, his artwork features a number of Japanese anime characters, including One Piece‘s Luffy and seminal giant fighting robot anime Mazinger Z. In the first image here, you can see that this images aren’t the product of computer wizardry, every element of the design and drawing process is done by hand.

In the last article we also introduced you to Ah Leung’s Star Wars fandom, and he has now added more to his line-up with these drawings of R2-D2, Luke SkywalkerYoda and Rogue One and Ip Man star Donnie Yen.

Ah Leung also commemorates the Chinese Zodiac, with 2016 being the Year of the Monkey, and 2017 the Year of the Rooster.

Not all of his art has a film, anime or specific connection, some of his pictures are just beautiful art for beautiful art’s sake as with this teapot.

Lastly, the man himself. Showing that he has a sense of humour as impressive as his artistic talent, Ah Leung has produced this portrait of himself.

Bringing many of our favourite things to life in his drawings, Ah Leung is an artist we’ll be continuing to keep an eye on. We wonder what he could draw on some blank chocolate wrappers, just as these other amazing artists have, and if he needs help emptying some, we’re happy to help.

Source, featured image: Instagram/ahleung_illustration