In a world where cute cats have become a dime a dozen, the best way to stand out is by being two cute cats at the same time.

The rise of Internet culture has been a wonderful thing for cat lovers, but what about cats themselves? Back in society’s offline era, all you had to do to be dubbed “the cutest little kitty imaginable” was show up, purr a little, and maybe frolic around a bit to charm everyone in the immediate vicinity.

Now, though, the might of the Internet, history’s most powerful information-sharing system, pumps out a neverending supply of adorable cat photos and videos, meaning that local cats are competing for admiration with other felines from around the world. To stand out in that crowded field, you’ve got to do something special, but this cat, spotted by Japanese Twitter user @TOKAITRICK_bot has an inherent advantage, because he’s two kitties in one!

While this would be a master-level plan to earn attention, the cat seen in the video can’t actually take credit for it. He just happens to have been born with a unique coloring right under the tip of his nose that’s shaped like a kitty crouched down on all fours. The patch of black fur even includes ears and a rounded rump.

Amidst the deluge of comments squealing “So cute!” a few online observers pointed out that in the video the cat, which is a stray, seems to have some dried blood behind its right ear, a telltale sign of flea infestation. Between that and its absurdly cute face, a few commenters suggested that @TOKAITRICK_bot should take the animal to a veterinarian for treatment, then make it his pet.

However, @TOKAITRICK_bot says that he encountered the double kitty as part of a litter of kittens which he came across, along with its mother, while out and about. He’s pretty sure that Mama Cat wouldn’t be at all happy about one of her offspring being taken away so rather than risk her wrath, he settled for just taking a picture instead.

Source: IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@TOKAITRICK_bot