Celebrity YouTube chef Jun shows off his culinary skills with some clever twists on traditional sushi that cats are sure to love.

Jun, the Japanese-born half of international married couple and YouTube vloggers Rachel and Jun, is a handy guy in the kitchen, and not just when it comes to cleaning up the tools he needs to make delicious meals. As part of his Jun’s Kitchen channel, Jun also periodically posts videos about how to make dishes that are both eye-pleasing and mouthwatering, and his most recent project is one that’s especially intriguing: sushi for cats!

This isn’t Jun’s first time to cook for his cats, but it is his first video documenting how to make Japanese cuisine’s representative dish for them. As the video shows, he’s even made a few tweaks to the traditional sushi recipe to better appeal to the feline palate.

▼ Turning on the video’s English subtitles will walk you through the preparation steps.

For starters, Jun’s recipe uses no rice or vinegar, which are actually the two defining ingredients that make something sushi. The finished product, though, looks just like a piece of nigiri.

Subbing for the rice is a mixture of minced sea bream, and chicken breast. After they’re finely diced, Jun steams them and rolls them into a paste that ends up with a white, rice-like color. He also steams, slices, and makes a paste from beans and mustard spinach to use as a mild wasabi stand-in.

The paste is seasoned with home-made bonito broth (made in a coffee syphon) and corn starch, then shaped to form the bottom half of the nigiri piece. This is topped with a rectangular block of raw minced sashimi-grade tuna.

Of course, you can’t really get a cat to do something it doesn’t want to do. So rather than try to force his kitties to dine on his culinary creation, Jun presents them with a choice, serving the sushi for cats simultaneously with a dish of canned cat food next to it. It’s really no contest, though, as the feline diner goes right for the nigiri.

After all, home-made meals always taste the best, especially when they’re made by someone who obviously loves you very much.

Source: YouTube/JunsKitchen via IT Media
Images: YouTube/JunsKitchen