Hot and spicy enough to distract you from the off-putting blackness of the bun and cure bland food Malay-se?

Clearly there’s a black food trend going on at the moment, with squid ink and bamboo charcoal being squirted here, there and everywhere to enliven everyday brands to consumers ever-seeking a new culinary experience. While Burger King first introduced the black Kuro-burger several years ago in Japan, and a poo-colour-changing Halloween variant elsewhere, regional McDonald’s branches quickly jumped on the bandwagon with their own varieties.

Now McDonald’s in Malaysia will be serving up the Korean Spicy Burger for a limited time. As well as the kimchi which makes up one of the ingredients, the advertising also references one of Korea’s other famous exports, TV (melo)dramas with the two stars’ fiery passions stoked up not by affection for one another, but as a result of the new burger’s sheer spiciness.

Unlike the green food colouring tinted baps of Burger King’s US and UK offerings, the McDonald’s Spicy Korean Burger’s bun is coloured with charcoal. With the alleged health benefits of activated charcoal, which a number of drink companies have added to their beverages, and kimchi, Korean spicy fermented cabbage, is this the healthiest burger going? Probably not, but it should taste pretty good.

▼ You’re going to need a drink…

▼ We all get emotional about burgers.

Available with Frozen Fanta, you can even subdue your burning taste buds with a sugary brain freeze. The Spicy Korean Burger has been on sale since July 25 and costs RM15.99 (US$3.73) with Criss-Cross fries and Frozen Fanta, or RM12.99 for the burger on its own. Given that a lot of Malaysian food doesn’t shy away from liberal spice use, and that this burger promises to be spicy even for Malaysians (or Koreans), it’s likely to pack a satisfying punch.

Source, images: McDonald’s Malaysia, Youtube/McDonaldsMalaysia