korean food

We tried a Korean brand of ramen that has a black broth, and it caused our brains to malfunction

What kind of flavor IS it?!

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Ito En releases drinkable cold ramen in Japan

Green tea specialists want us to drink spicy reimen this summer. 

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This super easy cold Korean spicy ramen dish will make summer 100 times more delicious

Not all spicy food has to be hot; sometimes, it’s refreshing!

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Mr. Sato goes to a Korean-style shaved ice cafe, makes several mistakes, still has a great time

This shaved ice was different from what he was used to, but it was delicious nonetheless!

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We visit Osaka’s newly dubbed Koreatown for the first time and set our sights on all of the food

After viewing 60+ varieties of kimchi in a single shop alone, our reporter learns that she has much to learn about Korean cuisine.

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We try making Nisshin’s Jijimi Korean Pancakes in a cup kit【SoraKitchen】

Get all of that Korean cuisine goodness without the mess.

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YouTube video about home-grown, home-cooked, traditional Chinese food causes major controversy

One dish created in the video has some people angry that it was included when it’s not Chinese food.

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Korean cheese dog, tornado potato cooking gadgets bring Seoul street food to your home kitchen

Bandai sub-brand is ready to help us satisfy our street food cravings without setting a foot outside.

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We taste-test 7-Eleven’s new fusion cuisine: the Cheese Dak-galbi Burrito!

Our Japanese language reporter bites off a hefty chunk of the convenience store’s take on Mexican-Korean cuisine so we can bring you a spicy review.

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McDonald’s unveils latest Black Burger – the Spicy Korean Burger 【Video】

Hot and spicy enough to distract you from the off-putting blackness of the bun and cure bland food Malay-se?

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Local tourism center in northern Japan makes visitors feel like they’ve crossed over into Korea

“Roadside stations,” or michi no eki, are centers in Japan where you can find local agricultural products and restaurants serving up regional fare. For Japanese drivers, these areas serve as both a local tourism spot and a place to relax.

You can find michi no eki all across the country that provide a peek into local Japanese culture, but one center located in Yamagata Prefecture is rumored to make visitors feel right at home in Korea.

Not knowing if the rumor was true or why, one of our Japanese reporters felt compelled to see the center for himself and embarked on a trip up north that led him to Tozawa Village.

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Make your tummy happy, eat a kimchi yogurt rice bowl today

In the boring and often mildly terrifying world of being a competent adult, there comes a time when you have to start eating healthily or face the horrible consequences. Junk food somehow seems less appealing when you have to factor in the inevitable side effects such as bloating, stomach cramps, and bad skin.

So we’re always looking for new things to eat that have added beauty benefits, and recently a secret super recipe has come to our attention which involves adding a dollop of yogurt and kimchi to our rice bowls.

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