Six Pokémon species inhabit the awesome Poké Ball-shaped capsules.

Turtles, lizards, and frogs are some of the most common pets that you’ll find inhabiting a terrarium. If those are just a bit too mundane for you, though, you’ll be happy to know that you can now purchase terrariums for Pikachus, Eevees, and Snorlaxes…oh, and the Pokémon are included.

Japanese novelty toymaker Re-Ment has recently announced the Pocket Monster Terrarium Collection. The plastic cases are shaped like Poké Balls and contain coveted creatures from the Pokémon anime/video game franchise.

Obviously, series mascot Pikachu is present and accounted for, as is original starter option Bulbasaur.

The Pocket Monsters are not only expressively posed, but also displayed in appropriate surroundings.

Snorlax, shown in his natural habitat: right in the middle of a walkway

Eevee, perhaps en route to the office

With a diameter of seven centimeters (2.8 inches), these aren’t quite as big as the unlicensed, individually made Pokémon terrariums made by a Texas-base artist that we looked at last autumn. On the other hand, thanks to the efficiencies of mass-production, Re-Ment’s Terrariums are in much more plentiful supply and less expensive, priced at 750 yen (US$6.80).

▼ Lapras

Each terrarium also comes with a single piece of grape-flavored chewing gum. It’s hard to imagine that being the tipping point that convinces anyone to buy one of these, but hey, free gum is free gum.

▼ Dragonair

The Pocket Monster Terrarium Collection is currently on sale at convenience stores, grocery stores, toy shops, and bookstores across Japan. As with many other anime character trinkets, though, you won’t know which Pokémon you’re getting until after you make the purchase, since they come packaged in opaque boxes.

But hey, even that random element sort of makes it like hunting for Pocket Monsters in the Pokémon games.

Images: Re-Ment (edited by SoraNews24)