Giant Pokémon bed makes it easy to fall asleep, hard to move around.

Last February, merchandiser Bandai started taking preorders for the official Snorlax bed/cushion. The decision to sell the product in Japan seemed like the perfect call, considering that this is both the home country of the Pokémon franchise and also a nation with an unabashed love of its video game icons that have gone on to worldwide fame and success.

So even though the Snorlax bed was priced at 52,000 yen (US$495), a number of Japanese fans were ready to plunk down the cash to sleep atop the sleepiest of Pokémon. However, there’s an itsy bitsy problem.

▼ Actually, make that a great big problem.

See, Japanese homes aren’t exactly known for their spacious dimensions. While the Snorlax bed isn’t as long as a normal mattress, it still measures 150 centimeters (59 inches) in length, meaning that some buyers couldn’t even get the delivery box through their front door!

▼ Good thing it’s not raining, because the only way that Snorlax is getting inside is if he’s getting unpacked outside.

Actually, squeezing Snorlax through the front door is just the first stop of this logistics puzzle. As you’d expect, those small portals lead to small rooms, and whether inside the box or out, the Snorlax bed is large enough to dominate most interior spaces in a Japanese home.

▼ Hopefully everyone in the family went to the bathroom before the deliveryman rang the doorbell.

▼ Snorlax is so big he could sleep in a bed of his own.

It’s also worth noting that this furniture-class plushie tips the scales at 12 kilograms (26.4 pounds), meaning that lugging it from the door to wherever the buyer wanted to place it in the home was no easy task. The end results, though, were adorable.

And besides, given the fact that Snorlax makes his first appearance in the Pokémon anime as a literal roadblock, we imagine some of his proud new owners found all of his pathway-clogging bulkiness to be a nice touch of source material authenticity.

Source: Jin, Twitter/@adochan0516