Do you want to be glamorous for a day? Studio Esperanto can help with that!

Studio Esperanto Kokoro Kyoto Okazaki Studio is a photo and makeover studio located in Kyoto, Japan. They offer the full costume, makeup, and photography experience that you’ve always dreamed of.

You can choose from a variety of styles, such as getting your kimono mojo on with the kokohime experience (a cute and modern kimono style emphasized with accessories) or getting an elegant oiran (“courtesan”) makeover.

▼ Its name may be hard to say,
but they make it easy to dress up.

As you know, we here at SoraNews24 aren’t afraid of getting a little makeup on our faces. Whether it’s Japanese rock legends, Donald Trump, or Japanese hosts, we just can’t get enough of playing dress up.

Masami, one of our Japanese writers, decided to try the Studio Esperanto experience for herself, going for a circus show-girl look.

▼ It ended up pretty awesome for her,
so let’s take a look at how she got there.

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▼ The first thing she did was sift through the costumes. Some had a Japanese feel,
some had a fantasy look, and of course there were the circus-themed items.

That’s something I don’t have in my wardrobe.

Next was makeup. Studio Esperanto has professional staff there to apply makeup for you based on the kind of experience you’re going for. They ask that you bring your own makeup tools though, so don’t show up empty-handed!

▼ You must also provide your own
cute phone cases for taking selfies with.

Then, there’s hair. According to their official website, they recommend you have at least shoulder-length hair for most of the photoshoots. If it’s any shorter, they advise using one of the wigs offered at the store.

▼ You’re welcome to just use a wig if you want to mix things up, though!

▼ Then there are accessories upon accessories upon accessories.

When you’re finished getting dolled up, it’s time to shoot some photos. You can pick from several different sets and backgrounds.

▼ We chose this poppy, colorful set that’s based on a real stage.

▼ And, voila! The magic happens.

Whether you’re going for a cute and modern kimono look, a traditional and glamorous oiran look, or you just want to be someone fabulous for a day, Studio Esperanto is the perfect stop on your visit to Kyoto.

And if you’re looking for a samurai to compliment your courtesan, then be sure to check out the samurai photo studio in Tokyo too.

Studio Information
Studio ESPERANTO Kokoro Kyoto Okazaki Studio
Kyoto-fu, Kyoto-shi, Sakyo-ku, Awataguchi Toriicho 53-37
Open 9 a.m.-8 p.m. (last entry is at 5 p.m.)
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