Cosplaying pooches get artsy with elaborate costumes, even before Halloween arrives.

While you’d think that Shiba Inu are cute enough without going to all the trouble of dolling themselves up, two cosplaying dogs from Japan, S-kun and H-chan, show that the sky’s the limit when it comes to canine costuming. No cosplayer worth their salt passes up a chance to don the classic schoolgirl costume, and in the case of these two pups neither gender nor species are any obstacle. While we can’t be sure, S-kun and H-chan may have had some help with the artwork but that hasn’t stopped them modelling the creations with aplomb.

▼ They’re always saying the country’s going to the dogs, but in this election…

▼ P-p-p-p-pick up a pooch-guin?

▼ Ne’er-do-wells of Japan beware, there’s a new type of hero in town.
They’re here to fight for justice, and doggy biscuits.

▼ As if they’re weren’t adorable enough as dogs,
H-chan and S-kun make for a cute Tanuki raccoon dog and Rabbit combo.

▼ The cosplaying canines looking nun too happy.

The two dogs never pass up an opportunity to celebrate, and decided to celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving in their own inimitable style, capturing perfectly the melancholy and existential angst of the turkey.

Extroverts in costume, after a long day of playing dressing-up a bit of a rest away from prying eyes is needed. Even if they still manage to look cute as buttons doing it.

Playing restaurants is also one of their favourite pastimes. Unfortunately, when there are only two of you only one can pretend to be the waiter or waitress, as someone has to be the food…

▼ At Sukiya for a gyudon beef and rice bowl.

▼ And some disturbingly delicious looking okonomiyaki.

Tricks and Treats: It might seem like every day is Halloween in the H-chan and S-kun household, but as Halloween draws closer they’re going all out with a mix of delicious treats and some trickery with a simultaneously ferocious and adorable-looking witch.

While, to paraphrase Jermaine Stewart, they don’t have to take their costumes off to have fun, Shiba Inu are just as cute when they’re not dressed up to the nines, even when they’re angry. When even the pets are dressing up though, you know Halloween must be getting big in Japan. If you prefer your costume-wearing eye candy to be of the human variety, or if you’re looking for some last-minute ideas, check out some of the costumes we spotted on the streets of Shibuya last year.

Source, featured image: Twitter/C_S0325