While the drivers’ have their eyes on the road, some ladies in the back seat have their eyes on his capable hands.

A side effect of Japan having such a great rail network is that taxi operators have to deliver sterling service. After all, with so many train and subway lines crisscrossing Japan’s cities, simply getting people from Point A to Point B isn’t going to be enough to convince them to shell out for the extra cost of traveling by cab.

So Japanese taxis aim to offer something extra. Their classy automatically opening rear doors and interior doilies have long been charming points, and in recent years we’ve seen taxi operators try to woo customers with courteously silent drivers dressed like kabuki stage hands, complimentary bottles of chilled green tea, or divine assistance in your academic endeavors. Now, Tokyo-based MK Taxi is offering something else: eye candy for women who’re unabashed hand/wrist fetishists.

This week, MK Taxi’s official Twitter account sent out the above message, which reads:

“We know this is sudden, but just how many of you enjoy seeing photos of hands and wrists like these? If there’s a demand for them, we’ll make a conscientious effort to take more of them.”

This may sound like an odd shot in the dark for MK Taxi to take, but for some time now there’s been a faction of Japanese women who get hot and steamy at the sight of a strip of exposed skin between a man’s glove and shirt cuff. Some have even gone so far as to call it the male version of “absolute territory” (zettai ryouiki in Japanese), the term originally used admiringly by men when talking about the visible flesh between the top of a woman’s knee-high socks and the hem of her skirt or shorts.

And so when MK Taxi asked if women wanted to see more snapshots of its drivers’ hands, the response was tremendous, with tens of thousands of wrist-wooed ladies letting their voices be heard as they said:

“Yes yes, I’m a hand fetishitst.”

“There’s just something sexy about it.”

“So you’ve realized what it is we desire.”

“Mmmm!!!! Good!!!! Wonderful!!!! Just the best!!!! Thank you!!!! Wooo!!!!”

“I’ve also got a thing for bus drivers’ hands.”

“Theses are wonderful…would it be asking too much for some shots of a driver’s hand with gloves but no jacket and his sleeves rolled up? I think there’s a lot of demand for wrists like those.”

“If it’s possible, I’d also like to see some off-duty shots with the gloves removed.”

The last comment is especially revealing, since it shows that not only is there a demand for wrist shots, but what are essentially full-nude wrist shots as well.

In light of the amazingly enthusiastic reactions, MK Taxi thanked everyone who’d shared their passion and suggestions, and promises that more photos in this vein are coming in the future. An odd marketing maneuver to be sure, but one apparently not without an audience, and definitely a better image for the organization than having its former president get into street fights with taxi drivers working for rival companies.

Source: Twitter/@MKofficial_PR
Top image ©SoraNews24